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Hi 👋,My name is

Francesco Malagrino

Full Stack Web Developer

From Italy

My expertise
MongoDB   Express.js    React   Node.js    API Development   3D Experience    WEBGL   RESPONSIVE   Angular   

Some of my work

1/8 August 2022

EasyResume (MERN Application)

2/8 July 2022

Easy Pizza (Simple version)

3/8 April 2022

Virtual House Tour (Simple VR project)

4/8 October 2021

EasySchool (A Managment School System and School website)

5/8 Jan 2022

Expense Trakcer (Simple React Project / Italian version)

6/8 September 2021

Tweety (Twitter Clone)

8/8 September 2017

Bootstrap Page Generator (A jquery version)

Have any questions?

How long does it take to build a website ?

This completely depends on what you need. It takes longer to build a 1000 page megasite than a smaller eight page brochure website.

Do you work Internationally ?

Yes ! With the advent of online conference tool such as Zoom or teams, and Skype. It makes working with businesses anywhere in the world straight forward enough.

Will my website work on smart phones and tables as well?

It mostly certain will. More people are access the web via small screen tha ever, and the trend is likely to carry on. If your site doesn't display or work properly on a mobile or tablet screen, you risk losing a big chunk of your potential audience. It means mobile responsive web design is essential these day. Every website I create is mobile responsive

Can you help me rank high in Google ?

A page one pisition in Google search results is like gold dust. Thankfully I know to use SEO tools and know how to maximise your changes and some happy customer to vouch for me.

How much does a website cost

A age-old question! it completely depends on what you need, but you can rest assured I deliver the best possible value for money and it won't break the bank!! Why not ask for a quote? There's no obligation adn I won't sulk if you say 'no' !

What are the payment terms for development of my website ?

I like to work on a 30% upfront basis with 30% payable after the design is agree and the outstanding 40% payable when the development as been completed and signed off

Who hosts the website ?

To build your website you will need to choose a provider to host your website, this makes your website available online. If you are not much aware of these hosting services, I recommend the best suitable one for your requirements or I can also help you with your existing provider if you already have one

Does my site need to be updates to HTTPS instead of HTTP?

Shot answer Yes, you should not compromise on this. It is essential to update your website with HTTPS instead of HTTP. As HTTPS is considered to solve data protection issues. Your data will be protected by encrypting it with an SSL certificate

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